My Latest Skincare Routine

I’ve had a lot of you ask me recently what my latest skincare routine has been lately.  I do like to change it up, but this is what has been working for me lately.

My Morning Routine

I start my morning with this foaming cleanser.

Next, I apply a toner.

Then I apply a few drops of CE Ferulic.

Afterward, I apply this eye cream around my eyes.

Then I apply my Lytera.  This is great for lightening dark spots on your face.

Next, I apply my Latisse to help my lashes grow.

I use this SPF every single day, no matter if it’s sunny or cloudy.  Even when we’re out on the boat, I’ve never been burned using this product.

Finally, I use this lip repair every morning and throughout the day.  Love it!

My Evening Routine

Before bedtime, I use this cleanser.

Then I apply my toner again.

Next, I use this retinol.  I also love the SkinMedica Retinol as well.  Either one works great!

After that, I apply the same eye cream again.  Love how well this works!

Love this night cream so much!  It’s the perfect amount and not too heavy on my face.

And finally, I use more of this lip repair.  Works so well!

This Pro-Heal Serum works wonders!  I apply to breakouts and even bug bites and helps heal everything so quickly.  A little bit goes a long way!

I’ve been so happy with my face lately!  Just remember that it takes time for you to see results when you start a new skincare regime.  Don’t expect to see results overnight.  Also, not everyone’s skin is the same.  Reach out to Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery and Spa for a free consultation!  They’ll be able to tell you what products work best for your face!  Also, as we go into Fall/Winter, you may need to change up some of your products you’ve been using for the summer months.

All of these products above are available at Sweetgrass!  Call 843-264-7973 for your free consultation or book a consultation online here.