My 42nd Birthday!

There was no place I’d rather be on my birthday than with my family!  I turned 42 on the 18th!  The children took turns reading the reader response at church Sunday morning while Lanier lit the advent candles. This week’s candle was LOVE. Very fitting and what Christmas is all about.

Over the weekend, Lanier and I had the most magical stay at the The Mills House Hotel.  It was exactly what we needed this time of year.  My kids always tell me that it’s my favorite hotel downtown because it’s pink.

Their new restaurant The Iron Rose was amazing!  Everything from the friendly staff, the food and ambience was perfect!

We had a great night!


Wore this dress, cardigan and these shoes.

My parents came in town for a few days to stay with us and we had the best time!

We all enjoyed an amazing meal at one of my favorite restaurants, The Obstinate Daughter.

Making my birthday wish!

So happy to have them in town!!

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