More Life Lately

A few weeks ago, we took the kids to the race in Darlington, one of Lanier’s birthday presents.  This was how clear the sky was when we arrived an hour before the race was supposed to start.

All prepared!

My dad and my brother-in-law went to the race too!  We got to hang out with them a little longer before the race because there was a rain delay as soon as we arrived.

At first we thought the rain delay was only going to be a little while.  We drove a little over two hours to get to the race, so we didn’t want to head back right away.  It was a hard decision, but in the end we decided to wait it out.

After a few hours, we headed back in to watch the race.

The kids were clearly excited!


In the end, we watched until a little over half the race was over, but it was so late we decided to head out.  Halfway home, we got a flat tire.  Needless to say, we were just a little exhausted when we got home, but the kids still said they had the best time!

Before the hurricane, we enjoyed as much outside time as possible.


Cheering on the Clemson Tigers!

Forever Besties.

Tank // Hat

Love that she loves riding her bike with me while I run.

Love that she still loves to wear costumes!


Legos Galore!

I wasn’t kidding when I said we spent a lot of time outside before we knew we’d be indoors with the bad weather.  It was almost like a Spring Break because the kids were out of school the entire week!

Tank (on sale!)

Effie dancing it up listening to Patrick Norris perform at Sol Restaurant.  He played “Feelin’ Good Again” for me.  Loved it!

Tank // Girls’ Dresses (on sale!)

We love our live music so much!

Twinning in our Patagonia mint colors.  Thankfully, we survived Hurricane Dorian with very little damage.  Lots of prayers to those who weren’t as lucky!

Hope y’all have a great start to your week!