Maxi Dress Love for the Girls

How cute are these maxi dresses for the girls?

As always, I wish these came in my size!

Effie’s Headband // Effie’s Glasses are from Walmart by Nautica.  I found this style here that is very similar to the ones she has.

I can’t even talk about how fast they’re growing up!

Just so thankful they’re the best of friends and love these fun, comfy styles!  Just toss it on and they’re ready to go!  Effie already asked if she could wear the tie-dye one during the day and then get to sleep in it at night.  So impressed with all Walmart has to offer for their age.

I ended up getting the two of the tie-dye ones because the price was just too good.  Only $15!  As always, Walmart does it again.  Love shopping for steals and it’s even better when the styles are so great!  And the sandals will go with everything.  Loving the rose gold color.  Such a fun back-to-school look too…whatever that will entail for us, we are still unsure.  For more Back to School looks from Walmart, head over here.  / Tie Dye Dress // Stripe Dress // Sandals

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Thanks to Walmart for their partnership on this post.