Life Lately: Wheeler’s 13!

Wheeler celebrated her 13th birthday on June 18th!  Y’all, I officially have a teenager!!  Cannot believe it!  But if I know one thing as I always have, Wheeler is going to do amazing things!  I mean, she already has, but I just love watching her grow!  The kindest heart, with the happiest smile and waves to whoever she sees (no one is a stranger), always including everyone in whatever she’s doing and just so happy and cheerful, singing and writing and playing her music.  I mean her favorite color is yellow for a reason.  And she also asked all of us to wear the color on her birthday, that and/or pink.  Before she went to bed, she told me she had the most “awesomest” birthday ever!  Warms my heart!  First of all, she’s a summer baby and has never had the chance to go to school ON her birthday, so that was one for the books (it was the last day of school this year because the school year ran later, since it started later).  She also got her ears pierced!  Went to dinner with JUST her parents.  And ended the night with a late night glow party at her favorite indoor trampoline park with all her good friends from school.  AND it was the last day so school! Can’t ask for much more!  Just so proud of this one who made me a mama.

Not until the week before her birthday had she shown any real interest in wanting to get her ears pierced.  I blame one of my friends for bringing it up to her.  Haha.  But I was 13 when I got my ears pierced, so it was perfect timing that she got her pierced when she was 13 too!

She was so brave in front of her siblings looking on.  And she picked the prettiest color!

This was a first.  She didn’t want a cake for her birthday, she wanted an apple pie…with a side of ice cream.


She’s going to celebrate her birthday next month on a little trip, but was happy to have some of her friends over to celebrate!

Read the front of the card that my parents sent.  In their eyes, they’ve always said she’ll be 9 forever!

She chose The Kingstide for dinner and asked that it just be me and Lanier.  Luckily, Effie and Logan were at an end of year pool party and Vaughn was at a Skyzone birthday party, so it all worked out anyway.  I wore this dress (it runs big, I sized down to an XS) and these earrings.  I had a lot of questions about my wedges, but unfortunately they’re a few years old by Joie.

My Caliente Kicker was delicious!

Fried Calamari

Brussel Sprouts

Prosciutto and Burrata

Caesar Salad

Seared Tuna

We had the best night and the weather couldn’t have been better!

The next night, Lanier and I headed out to the Windjammer to watch The Blue Dogs play.  The lead singer, Bobby, is a good friend of ours.  Wore this top.  The back is my favorite part.  It runs big.  Definitely go down a size.  Paired with these earrings.

It stormed all the way up until almost show time, but thankfully it stopped!

Just so happy that live music is back again!