Life Lately + What I Wore

Happy Friday!  Sharing more of what we’ve been up to lately!  On Tuesday, my mother-in-law came in town and we took the girls to see Les Miserables.

The production and cast was absolutely amazing!  The girls enjoyed it and surprisingly stayed up for all of it!  They said it was a little more serious than the other musicals they’re used to seeing, but they enjoyed it nonetheless.  This was maybe my fifth time seeing  it, and it just never gets old!  So good!

Wore this dress, this necklace and this crossbody.  My heels are old, but I found similar ones here.

Wednesday night was full of fun events!

I started off at Cannon Green to attend my friends’ party for her company Updos for I Dos.  I think Charleston is either her fourth or fifth location.  She did an amazing job, down to the last detail.  How cool is Molly the greeter’s headpiece??

We had such a great time!

Have always loved Cannon Green’s atmosphere.

The cutest little monogrammed capsule crossbody.

This is the latest color of rice beads.  Just so pretty for Fall!

My friend Eliza attended the event.  If y’all want discounts on her Snaffle Bit Bracelets and Plantation Candle Company candles, use code: SWEETSOUTHERNPREP to take 15% off.

Afterward, I headed over to meet my friends Natalie and Caycee over at a Whiskey and Barbecue event at The Cedar Room, hosted by The Local Palate.  Another venue I love!

This mac and cheese was unreal!

All in all, a great night!  I’ve had many of you ask about the dress I wore.  Unfortunately, it’s an oldie but goodie from DVF from a few years ago.  I’m so sorry.  Below, you can shop similar looks that I’m loving too.  Wore these earrings and I did find my heels still available in a few sizes here.

Finally, I’m leaving you with this cozy number.  It was 58 degrees this morning!  Excited I got to wear something so soft and comfy.  It covers your rear too, which I love!  I actually love it so much that I got it in the light lavender color too!

I hope y’all have a great weekend!  The weather isn’t supposed to be so great tomorrow, so I’m hoping to make it a clean-out day and tackle lots of things on my extremely to-do list!

TGIF, Y’all!