Life Lately: Part One + What I Wore

My apologies for my lack of posts this past week!  Finally catching up now and actually have all of my Christmas shopping finished, hallelujah, so now I can take some time to share my best gift guides with y’all this week.  However first, I wanted to share what all we’ve been up to this week.  Starting off with this beautiful mansion on South Battery.

It was recently renovated and is now available for overnight stays.  I had the opportunity to do just that last Wednesday night and enjoyed every minute of staying at 20 South Battery.  To book your own stay at this 11-room boutique hotel, head over here.  How beautiful is this bed?  All the bathrooms have been renovated too.  Loved the mix of traditional with modern.

Brought my new tote with me.  How pretty is it?  Comes with a matching bag inside too.  Use code: SSPFREESHIP for free shipping!  Would make a great gift too.  Hurry though, not many are left!

On the evening of my stay, I had the pleasure of enjoying the most exquisite dinner with a Great Gatsby theme!  I mean, how fun is that?  It truly was the most magical night!  In this room, we were informed that the very first locally based historic preservation group was formed in the United States in 1920 – hence the Great Gatsby theme.

Our masks were supplied by local boutique, Maris Dehart.

From the 5th Floor!

Switched from wearing this jacket

…to this look.  I’ve had this dress a few years now and was waiting for the right time to wear it.  Well, I think it was safe to say that this night was meant for this dress!  Ordered my headband here, only  and my earrings here (they were a gift from the designer last year).

Truly a night to remember!

I’ve been trying out this straightener the past month or so and absolutely LOVE it!  It has lots of different options, depending on your hair type and then it determines how hot to make it.

The mornings have beautiful for my runs this past week.  On Saturday, Effie met me in the driveway when I was finished to head out on a bike ride.

With the cooler evenings, we’ve been enjoying lots of fire.  Our poor fire pit.  A tree limb fell on it and we’ve yet to get it repaired.  We’re still trying to decide what we should do with our backyard.  So many options.

I was going to trim Effie’s hair yesterday, but then decided to take off more than I thought.  It’s a little shorter than I think she wanted it, but it’ll grow back out and it just looks so healthy!  By the time it was all sad and done, I ended up cutting off about 10 inches.

If you’re looking for a unique gift, how cool is this puzzle?  My kids have loved putting ours together!

Last night, we went to the annual Christmas parade!  We always have the best time watching all the floats.  They didn’t toss candy as they usually do in years past, but totally understandable.  We still enjoyed it so much!  They’re just growing up too fast!

Effie strolled her Lea and Baby Kate to the parade too, decked out in their Christmas red!

Santa brought up in the rear in a boat!  The kids loved it!

Hope y’all have a great start to your week!