Life Lately: Our Halloween Weekend

We had such a great Halloween weekend!  The weather couldn’t have been better.  Effie and I matched as She-Ra and Lanier chose not to get too into his He-Man costume, but happy he at least wore this tee I got him.

Wheeler read and loved The Hunger Games series, so she jumped at the chance to dress as Katniss Everdeen.  I loved that she let me do her makeup and hair.  I think she nailed it – even down to Katniss’ expressions!

Effie’s little She-Ra costume fit her so well!

Logan LOVED dressing as The Mandelorian!

And Vaughn was the cutest little Purge Trooper.

We couldn’t forget Maverick!  Boozer’s little outfit even said Pete Mitchell on the lapel.  I mean, how perfectly does it fit him??  Head back to this post for links to all their costumes.

Sorting allll the candy!  The kids always combine all their candy and sort it out into ziploc bags.

Before we trick-or-treated, we headed out to lunch on Sullivan’s.  My kids love to watch the surfing videos at Mex-1.  Wearing this dress.

Nothing like the last minute, we set out to search for pumpkins to carve!

I got this pumpkin carving kit and the assortment of knives was great!  Comes with a case too.  Great price too!

I posted this daily message on Instastories the other day and had some of y’all ask where I got it.  I got it from here and it’s only $10!

Have been loving the sky on my runs this week!

I hope y’all are having a great week so far!