Life Lately + New Dress Crush

We’ve been making the most of this cold and rainy weather season.  I swear it’s rained so much these past few weeks.  Can’t wait for some sunshine this week!  I tried out a new restaurant in town called The Quinte and it was delicious.  Loved every single dish!

This milk bread was heaven!

I wish I’d taken more photos of the dishes, but this tile fish was by far my favorite!

Always love catching up with the best of friends.

How pretty is the pattern of this new dress I wore?  It’s true to size.  Wearing a small.

You can wear this dress with or without the belt.  It was dismal and cloudy, but I couldn’t complain at all about the 75 degree weather.

The girls had a blast at their Wild Wild West School Dance.  Loved their outfits.  Got Effie’s cute overalls here.  She’s wearing the XS, Short.

The girls were so sweet to invite me to chaperone the dance.  I was in charge of the dance floor and making sure none of the kids sat on the top bleachers and tried to exit the door in the back.  Thankfully, there were no issues and I got to enjoy watching all the students enjoying themselves…although it was pretty dark so I couldn’t see much unless the kids came up to me to say hi.  I love that there are so many fun line dances and singalongs these days, that there wasn’t that awkward ‘who’s going to dance first?’ – like it was back when I was their age.  And they never played a slow song.  Haha.  Wheeler came running over when I walked into the gym to tell me that she knew it was me because she could see my hair glowing against the black light.  Pretty funny.

Logan is super excited for flag football to start back.  He had his evaluations on a very chilly morning. // Logan’s Coat

We headed to the rodeo one night and we loved it!  I need all the music they played for a good workout playlist.

The girls loved that they got to wear their cowgirl outfits, two nights in a row.  // Effie’s Fringe Vest

I happily wore this tee that I got a year or so ago.

The kids are already asking when they can get to go to another one.

Last Monday morning, I was proudly wearing my Martin Truex Jr. tee.  He won the first race of the season.

Only two more kids left to do classroom Valentine’s.  Makes me sad!  Logan of course loves NASCAR, so he picked these cards out.  And Vaughn is Pokemon-obsessed, so he chose these.  I think they’re so cute!  FYI, order your cards well before Valentine’s Day if possible, like I did.  Otherwise, the prices go up so much if you wait until the last minute.

Since it rained for most of the day yesterday, we had a cozy family Super Bowl watching party.  Lanier won the first two quarters, Vaughn won for the third and Effie won it all.  The prizes are always scratch off lottery tickets.

Loved the Super Bowl commercials this year.  There were so many good ones.  Off the top of my head, my favorites were The Farmer’s Dog Forever one and the Miles Teller and his wife dancing Bud Light one.  My boys loved the Adam Driver one.  One of Vaughn’s favorite character has always been Kylo Ren, so they thought it was funny. // Tried this brightening mask out and really liked it.  Comes with six masks.  Made my face feel silky smooth!

Hope y’all have a great start to your week!

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