Life Lately

Good morning and happy Monday!  We’re back from the best week at the beach!  Basically, the internet was pretty slow where we stayed, so I decided to give the blog a break for a week and take full advantage of our vacation.  My apologies for my absence here.  But I’m back to regular posting and can’t wait to share our trip with you!  First off, before our beach pics, I wanted to recap the week before we left.  Not sure if y’all knew, but Regal Cinemas runs $1 movies on Tuesday and Wednesdays at 10am during the summer.  You can check their site to see what’s playing that week and if your cinema is participating.  Two weeks ago is the first week we’ve had a chance to go, and saw LEGO Ninjago one day and Ferdinand the next.

Pretty excited (and relieved) that the dentist reported no cavities!

One evening, I decided to make them a formal dinner and they loved it!  Logan was a little worried to drink out of the nice crystal, but they did a great job!  Definitely going to do it again sometime.

My youngest sister, third down on the left, had her Bachelorette Weekend here last weekend.  It was fun helping her celebrate!  While the weather was rainy the first day, it cleared up for the rest of the weekend!

This Spicy Paloma was amazing!  The perfect amount of spice!

What I Wore

Dress (on sale and under $100! Wearing a small); Love that it’s a little twirly too! // Wedges (I’m also loving that she brought these wedges out in silver!)

Having the best time, as always!

Wheeler is becoming an awesome caster.  The other day, she caught so many tiny fish and shrimp.

One of my friends introduced me to this lip and cheek color the other day and I love it!  Gives you a subtle glow and it’s SPF40!

Found these Costas on sale here!

How cute is this suit?  Just love this print so much!  Plus, I finally found a pair of bottoms that have enough rear coverage to match.  Top // Bottom (P.S. The awkward pose is from trying to balance on a moving boat.)

We were so excited to finally have a clear boat day last weekend.  It had been awhile!

So lucky to live here!

And just so thankful that our kids love the beach and water as much as we do!

After church last Sunday and before leaving for the beach, we headed over to Cantina76 for lunch.  It took Americano’s place, FYI.  We had a great time and the kids loved it! // I’m wearing this Essie Dress, the girls are wearing Little Lilly shifts in a print from last summer, paired with rose gold Jacks and the boys are wearing these shirts, these shorts and these shoes.  Tomorrow, it’s all about the kids’ Anniversary Sale picks that I promised you last week.  Sorry about that!

Playing catch up here today and will be back to regular posting tomorrow!  Hope y’all have a great start to your week!