Life Lately: Part One

Can’t believe how quickly summer is flying by!  Wheeler had a surf camp out at Folly Beach a few weeks ago, so our friends that were in town came out on the last day to watch Wheeler surf.

Chico Feo was delish!


Braid Game Strong.

So proud of her!  She got a surfboard for her birthday a few years ago, so glad she’s putting it to good use!

We’ve squeezed in some boat days.  Always our favorite.

Got to have some snuggle time with my youngest nephew.

This was right before his nap time.

We loved the waves at Folly so much, that we went back out earlier this week.  Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s are closer to us, but the waves are so much better at Folly for surfing and boogie boarding!

Bert’s Market has become one of our fave spots.  They have everything from sandwiches, wraps and ice cream to any other grocery product you need.  Plus, they’re open 24 hours!

With us traveling so much, I still love our quiet, chill days when we get them.

The past few summers Logan has always asked to go to a baseball game, just us two.  Of course I always agree.  And we always have the BEST time!  Last night was no different.  And the Riverdogs had an awesome game! Love having all the kids together, but one-on-one time is just so special and so important. // Wearing these tassel earrings.

The girls and I have had some fun outings together too.  We checked out the new Van Gogh Immersive Experience and loved it!

Effie has been listening to the Hamilton soundtrack since I can’t remember.  She’s been begging to watch the movie, but I told her I wanted to wait until we saw the real show.  And let me tell you, we went last week and it was amazing!  We watched the movie a few days later to compare and we honestly thought the casting for the real show was better than the movie.  Can’t wait to see it again when it comes back!

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