Life Lately: A Snowy Weekend

On Thursday, I headed down to Atlanta with some girlfriends for a concert…that ended up getting postponed because of the snow.  Wore this new sweater that I’m definitely ordering in more colors.  A great length and super comfortable!  Paired it with these leggings, this striped tunic (only $19) and this ring.

The cutest little bathroom.

I can’t believe it snowed!  Since it didn’t snow in Charleston, we couldn’t have timed this trip any better!  Although, I wish the kids were with me to see it too!  It’s rare that we ever get to see snow in December!

Such a cutie!

On Friday, we took full advantage of the IKEA in town!

You can’t beat IKEA’s prices.  This bookshelf was a mere $15.99!

Nothing like a selfie at IKEA.  Ha.  Jacket // Scarf // Leggings // Sweater // Boots

So much snow!

We ate at the cutest little Mexican restaurant, Nuevo Laredo, on Friday night.  And the food was absolutely delicious!

On Saturday, I headed down to south Georgia to meet up with family.  Brave Effie.

Sooo many cousins!

My sweet nephew Mac.

Boozer made the trip too!

The dining room light fixture is up and shining bright!  Thanks so much for so many of you suggesting different light bulbs that wouldn’t cast a shadow on the walls.  We ended up going with these above, but just a warning, they were a little temperamental.  If anything, go with frosted LED bulbs and they won’t cast shadows from the fixture on the walls.  We also went with 40 watt bulbs and changed out our switch to add a dimmer.

Back to organizing and going through more boxes today!  It feels like it’s never-ending, but as we get more furniture for the house, the more it’s coming together.  So excited that the boys’ beds come in today, and they can finally sleep in their own room!  I ended up going with these beds in navy and can’t wait for them to arrive!

I hope y’all have a great start to your week!  Cannot believe Christmas will be here in TWO WEEKS!!  Tomorrow I’ll be sharing my first Holiday Gift Guide, so be sure to check back in!