Life Lately

Logan’s Suit Set // Effie’s Suit Set

Last week, Effie, Logan and Vaughn had beach camp out on Sullivan’s Island and had the best time, as always!

Some of y’all have asked about Wheeler and where she’s been.  For her birthday, she asked my parents if she could stay with them for a few days by herself.  It was the sweetest thing and of course they obliged!  We’d planned on doing it later this summer, but with the passing of my grandfather, it was the perfect time for my mom to have Wheeler’s company.  Wheeler also got to spend time with all of her cousins and visits to their houses, so needless to say she had a fun time.  We all missed her so much!  When she came back, I was ready for some one-on-one time with her, while the others were at camp.

Our first activity was walking the Ben Sawyer Bridge.

Her reward after walking the bridge – gelato at Beardcats!

Next, we headed out to the beach to swim and read!


Looking much too old here!


Missed her soooo much!

To top it off, before getting the rest of the kiddos from camp, we enjoyed lunch at Mex-1!  This is my go-to taco – the Bangin’ Shrimp Taco!  Yum!

Tennis Bag // Tennis Shoes

The next day, I got in some much needed tennis time…

…and so did Wheeler!  She had a great time at camp!

Lanier met us at Home Team after camp.  We usually don’t eat out this much, but this week was special.  And Wheeler enjoyed every minute of it!

Her favorite meal all week was this Poe’s burger with a side of french fries and a Shirley Temple.

Such a fun week!

Logan’s Swim Trunks

Meanwhile, the kids had the best week at beach camp!  They’ve been going for the past few years and still love it just as much!

Can you tell Logan loves him some chocolate?  And yes, his shirt actually stayed clean until RIGHT AFTER I took this photo.  I told him he had chocolate on his face, so he grabbed his sleeve and well…no more clean white shirt.

If you’re still looking for 4th of July accents, these blue hearts are so cute!

Loving these red tassels too!

Coverup  (20% off with code: SWEETSOUTHERNPREP) //Stripe Dress // White Eyelet // Red Dress // White Midi Dress

Wherever you’re headed for the holiday, all of these would be perfect!

And in case you missed last week’s post, I shared lots of holiday-ready picks.  Many of these will still arrive before the 4th, just make sure you change your shipping method for it to arrive faster.

Earrings: Blue Heart //White Heart // Red Flower // Red Beads

Dress: (L to R) 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Scarf // Hat // Lipstick in Sunset // Red Basket // Wicker Basket // Blue Necklace // Hamptons Coffee Table Book // Red Sandals // Star Sandals // Blue Fireworks Clutch // Flag Tervis

I was in serious organization mode yesterday.  We’d planned on taking the boat out both days, but Lanier sneezed and tweaked his back on Friday morning, so he was pretty much out of commission until Sunday afternoon.  Just glad it wasn’t worse!

I hope y’all have a great start to your holiday week!