Life Lately

I’m so sorry for the delay on my posts lately!  Last week, I just needed some extra down time, but this week I’m back!  Father’s Day was great!  The kids and I were so excited to do some special things with Lanier.

Goofy faces all around!

Wheeler celebrated her 11th birthday!  Still can’t believe it!

We spent some much needed extra time with our family last week, as we mourned the loss of our grandfather.

Wheeler was so sweet and said it was okay to postpone her birthday festivities, since his funeral was on her birthday.

My parents and her 14 cousins on this side helped her celebrate a day early and she loved it so much!  All she asked was if she could have a Pralines and Cream ice cream cake and we did just that.

The following morning of her birthday, we surprised her with her favorite – Krispy Kreme doughnuts!

While it was a pretty somber day, the stories of my grandfather and the amount of people who showed up was a true testament of just how special Ray Ray was.  Thank y’all so much for the outpouring of thoughts and prayers for our family as we both mourned and celebrated the life on an incredible man!

You are all too kind to take the time to reach out!  Love y’all so much!  He will truly be missed, but if there’s one thing about him, he’d want us to be happy and keep on being happy and go on with ourselves.  Except then he’d always add at the end, “But come see me! Good-bye!” in a strong Southern accent that is sadly fading in our time.  I tried to think of what photo best embraced his funeral and the one above was it.  He was a true American hero and if you don’t get emotional during ‘Taps’ I find that hard to believe.  It was played at both of my grandfathers’ funerals and I will never forget either service.