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Green Jacket // Burgundy Jacket // Pullover // Define Jacket // Pink Sports Bra // White Sports Bra // Cropped Sweatshirt // Blue Shorts and Black Shorts // Align Leggings // Pink Shorts

I’ve had a request for awhile to share my latest Lulu faves.  I finally sat down and got them all together in one post.  Enjoy!

Softstreme Sweatshirt

Lulu carries all types of sweatshirts, but if you want the softest one, make sure it is softstreme!  Trust me on this one.  It is the softest material.  Like butter!

Ventscape Pullover

This is the one I shared with y’all on yesterday’s post here.  Love the material!

Define Jacket

If I had to choose one work-out jacket that I have the most of in my closet, it’s this one.  I have it in an array of colors and wear them all the time.

Pack It Down Jacket

Can’t tell you how much I love this jacket.  It’s not too fitted or too boxy.  A great fit!  I’ve had mine for a few years now and still love it so much.

Down For It All Jacket

I have this one in the bright red color and love wearing it around the holidays!  It’s a little thinner than the Pack It Down Jacket I shared above, but it’s a great lightweight one that’s water resistant too.

Align Leggings

Of all of Lulu’s leggings, the Align style is my favorite.  They’re so soft and a great quality material!

Serene Bra

My absolute favorite sports bra.  The material is the softest and it has great coverage.

Free to Be Wild Bra

Love this sports bra.  The straps are so fun with whatever tank you choose.

This was our tennis uniform this season.  Sharing deets below…

Love Tank

I wear this to run, play tennis and other exercises, but I also love it for wearing it around town as a great base layer.  Have it in so many colors!

Pace Rival Mid-Rise Skirt

My go-to tennis skirt.  Comes in lots of colors!


This visor is genius!  The band is removable so you can take it off and just wash it without having to wash the entire visor.

Speed Short

I love wearing these shorts around town, but they’re also great for wearing under my tennis dresses.  I also wear this style under all of my tennis dresses.

Hotty Hot Shorts

These are by far my go-to shorts.  In the warmer months, I wear these almost everyday whether I’m working out or running errands around town.  Definitely my fave!

Now I know y’all are probably wondering why I didn’t include a fit guide with each of these pieces.  Well the truth is, I didn’t want to keep repeating myself.  Like all Lulu, it runs small.  So I highly recommend going up a size, sometimes two sizes depending on how you want it to fit.  But if you ever have any additional sizing questions, please feel free to email me  Happy to help!

Hope y’all are having a great weekend!

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