Interview with Joy Mangano

Photo Cred: Troy Ward

This past week, I had the coolest opportunity to meet Joy Mangano over a Zoom meeting with a few other bloggers.  If you don’t know who she is, she has a pretty awesome resume!  Joy is an American inventor and entrepreneur known for inventing the self-wringing Miracle Mop, as well as the first non-stick cooking pan.  Along the way, she also created huggable hangers, as well as CleanBoss – a highly powerful cleaner that isn’t toxic or harmful and doesn’t emit caustic fumes.  Y’all may have watched the movie, Joy, starring Jennifer Lawrence.  The movie is based on Joy Mangano’s life story!

USA Network

Most recently, she’s the creator of USA Network’s newest competition show America’s Big Deal.  If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, it’s the first ever live shoppable TV show where entrepreneurs pitch their product to the show’s retail giants – QVC and HSN, Lowe’s and Macy’s – and home viewers can purchase the products in real time. The person with the highest dollar sales will win the chance to strike a life-changing deal with one of the retail giants.

The other bloggers and I had the best time interviewing her and asking her all sorts of questions.  Sharing my faves below…

What led you to the concept of the show?

Last year, during the pandemic, I was driving around town and saw lots of boarded up stores and felt the urge to want to do something for those small businesses.

USA Network

How do you entertain viewers?

The base line – Show me a great product with a great story.

She also adds that in the beginning, there’s lots of hand holding but that’s the fun part of it.  She loves helping small businesses get the ball rolling!

USA Network

How do you filter through applicants?

When first starting to look, they have to supply their product and deliver it within days.

I love it because I feel like I’m in their shoes.  I was so surprised how many moms apply with amazing products!  So proud of them!  They’re just like me!

As far as what products can be pitched – really anything – kitchen, food, beauty – honestly almost anything!

What’s your motivation as an entrepreneur?

Once you start a business – keep going!

What are some skills our daughters need?

Everyone has to work to have a seat at the table.

As far as ethics advice – hard work always pays off!  If you want something, go for it!  And it can change along the way and that’s okay.  Keep trying!

What have you done to keep yourself from getting burned out?

Just know you don’t have to do it all.  And know that some things you have to give up.

It’s also important to know you can’t control everything.

Remember that your family is a “product” too!

Use your common sense.  Don’t mortgage your house to pay expenses.

What are your priorities?

Family + Business + Helping Others Around Me

While many people love social activities. they’re not a priority for me.

You can’t attend everything with your kids and that’s okay.  Your children know they love you.  They know you’re there.  Make them enjoy your work too.  How can they help you?  It’ll help you stay connected with them.  If they see you happy with your work, then that makes them happy too.  Be loving and a good role model.

Perfect Pitch?

It’s all about the product!  Then the story.  Get your point across about what the product is and what the product will do for the consumer.  And then share how you will get people to buy it.  A great product and a compelling story is a beautiful combo!

You’ll have choices in your life.  What’s important to you.  What will you lean into?  That will make all the difference.

I truly had the best time getting to have this experience and learn so much from Joy!  If anything, her name says it all!  She breathes pure joy with how she lives her life!  And I hope to do the same!  Be sure to tune in to the “America’s Big Deal” finale on Thursday, Dec. 16 live at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT on USA Network.