Home for the Holidays

Had the best time seeing my sisters this past week when I was home!

Left to Right: 4, 1, 5, 2, 3, 6 (9.5 years between the oldest and youngest)

14 grandbabies and counting!  Wheeler’s the oldest at 10.5!  The youngest is 7 months.

We left the day after Christmas to head home to Charlotte.  We couldn’t wait to get there!

Little Vaughn loving on his uncle, Big Vaughn.

Cute Cousins.

Loved getting to squeeze my little nieces and nephews.

Seriously walked into this scene one night.

Sweet Baby Luke. // Wearing this top and these earrings.


We love playing all kinds of games while we’re home.  Bingo was a big hit with awesome prizes!

If you’re looking for a fun new game, try this one.  It’s called Code Names and we love it!

This is our favorite.  We play it all the time.  We call it Celebrity, but I’ve heard it called Fish Bowl among other names.  It’s super simple too and always a great laugh.  For directions on how to play, head over here.

NYE-ready nails in gold glitter!  Wearing this polish.

Visited my favorite spot for coffee while I was in town.

Loving this wine.  My dad always picks the best ones!

Sweet Effie V.

Got to meet one of my besties’ newest additions – only 11 weeks old!  Wearing this sweater, on major sale!

Always have the best time when I’m home!