Home for Thanksgiving Break

Trying to play a little catch up here!  Going all the way back to Thanksgiving!  Every year, we always switch off the holidays.  So this year, it’s our year to go home to Charlotte to be with my family.  Here with two of my sisters, visiting my sister’s house!  Wearing this sweater (in a M/L), earrings and leggings.

Blank Slate and Hues and Cues were two new games I brought and everyone loved them!

It was a chilly one!  Was happy I brought this big puffer!  Only $62!

My mom’s Christmas fern.

We’re a family that loves games!  Don’t my mom and Effie look so much alike here?  Effie is named after my mom’s mother, Evelene – who went by Effie too.  This is another game we love called RummiKub.

Pecan pies from scratch – yum!!

The boys loved my sister’s blow-ups!

Having the best time with their cousins!

Had some time to practice some braids on Effie.  Love this one!

A lot of you asked where I got this shirt for my mom.  Got it here.

Once we got back home, we headed over to the theater to watch an early viewing of Sing 2!

The kids loved it!

Merry Everything // Slippers

Then it was time for putting out the Christmas decorations!

I picked up some pre-lit garland this year and have loved it in our house this season!

Vaughn, helping me mail off the Christmas cards!  The best feeling to have that knocked out!

This is our second year with a faux tree and we were excited that all the lights worked!  Got ours here.

Our elf Snowflake  was found and back in action!

Such a fun time of year!