Halloween Festivities

We’ve had the best time enjoying all the Halloween festivities this October!

Wheeler dressed as the sun.

Effie was Dorothy.  So the story about this costume is that we bought this costume for her back in February 2020 because she was going to sing Over the Rainbow at her school talent show.  Unfortunately, the pandemic happened and it was canceled.  We were cleaning out our costumes about a month ago and she found it, tried it on and decided she wanted to wear it this year.  So glad it still fit!

Vaughn was a spooky skeleton.

Logan was Snake Eyes from GI Joe.

The girls helped out at our church’s Fall Festival.  Effie wanted to change things up, so she put on her costume from two years ago.  Can’t believe it still fit!

This year was our first year going to the Aquarium’s Fish or Treat Event.  We had an absolute BLAST and will definitely be doing it again next year!  There was so much to do and see!  When the boys attended preschool downtown, on the days Logan had school and Vaughn didn’t, we would go to the aquamarine at least once (sometimes twice) a week.  Vaughn’s happy place!  This was such a treat to visit it for the first time at night.  An experience we’ll never forget!

We also attended Disney on Ice last week and loved it!

It kind of drizzled most of the day of Halloween, so we weren’t sure if it would dry up in time for trick or treating, but it did!  When Effie asked if we’d dress a certain part for Halloween with her friends, of course we said yes! Trying to the be the ‘cool mom’ and also just happy to be included!

Lanier was a trooper and made this hat with a bucket and construction paper for at least one pic.  And I made his t-shirt maybe five minutes before we left the house, but whatever works!  Effie loved it!

This one from 2017 is still one of my all-time faves.

Hope y’all had a great Halloween!