Great Wolf Lodge: Part Two

We started Saturday morning off with a yummy breakfast!  Isn’t Logan’s bedhead amazing??  Haha.

Girls Dresses

Vaughn’s creative bunny ears on Logan are cracking me up!

Ready for story time!

Saturday was May the 4th.  Told them to pose in their best Star Wars poses.  Nailed it!


How pretty are these?  They’re super lightweight too!

So calm.

Saturday morning, we hit up the arcade!

Girls Coverups // My Coverup // Boys Swim Sets // Yeti Cooler // Yeti Tote

And then took on the waterpark!

Coverup // Earrings
Yeti Cooler // Yeti Tote

Since we knew we’d be here awhile, we packed snacks and drinks.

Their lunch special is awesome!  And this pizza is delicious!

Swim Top // Cup

Having the best time!

While we were enjoying ourselves indoors, this is what was happening outside!


All set for dinner!

Wheeler completed all of her activities for the Trailblazer Challenge!

After dinner, we made some crafts, just like at regular summer camp, while it stormed outside.

One of the activities was to decorate a duck that would later be in the Ducky 500, a race the next morning on the slides before the park opened.  Whoever’s duck came in first won a prize and ours did!

If your kids love characters, they’ll love all the cute ones they have at the lodge.  This is Oscar the Raccoon.

And Wiley the Wolf.  The kids loved their howling dance they learned from him!

Desserts again!

Wheeler awaiting the ducks to come down the slide!

Girls Suits // Boys Suits // My Coverup

If you’re looking for a fun family trip, try out the Great Wolf Lodge’s Camp-In this summer!  Y’all will have a blast!  As soon as we pulled out of the parking lot my kids were super sad, already asking when we’d get to go back!  It was truly the best weekend.  Next time we’re bringing Lanier!  Head over here for more info about their summer camp-in.  Use code: SMORES for up to 15% off!  For Part One of this post, head back here.  And if you missed my post on my fave girls’ summer dresses, head back to this post.

Hope y’all are having a great week so far!