Fall Looks for the Kiddos

The cutest little models!

Love that this cute frog’s mouth opens to a pocket.

How sweet are the heart details on this skirt?

They insisted on getting a picture with Boozer.  He was almost too quick!  He’ll be 11 next month, but still acts like he’s 2!

Effie and Logan’s shoes both light-up, which they clearly love!

On Wheeler: Shirt // Skirt // Shoes

On Effie: Shirt // Skort // Shoes

On Logan: Shirt // Pants // Shoes

On Vaughn: Shirt // Pants // Shoes

Nordstrom is still one of my favorite places to order clothes for my children.  They have so many great brands and it’s just so easy to find everything in one place.  Plus, try taking four kids clothes shopping at one time.  I can honestly say I never have.  Haha.  Shoe shopping is already tricky enough.  Plus, you can’t beat free shipping and free returns!

Thanks to Nordstrom for their partnership on this post.