Disney Trip: Day Four

I guess if it had to rain one day while we were at Disney, we timed it just right.  We’d planned all along to use Wednesday as our rest day between the parks.  In our minds, we’d thought we’d spend the day enjoying the pool at our resort, but that obviously wasn’t going to happen.

Almost everyone you talk to that knows anything about Orlando, they’ll tell you that most of the time when it rains at Disney it always ends up being intermittent showers.  Well, this day was surprisingly not one of those days.  It poured rain all morning until lunch time, so we decided to go see an early movie at Disney Springs.  We’re still so thankful we hadn’t planned on being at a park.  While you can still get away with enjoying the parks in the rain, many of the outdoor rides are canceled.  // Most of our raincoats are a year or two old, but I did order Logan’s raincoat for our trip.

They loved the new LEGO movie!  We were just happy we found an early showtime that started before noon.

We shopped around Disney Springs for a little while.  I got these gold flip flops at the Havaianas store.

The girls’ dresses are by Shrimp & Grits.  We obviously can’t get enough of these.

Logan and Vaughn have been obsessed with the movie Cars since they were toddlers.  Which is crazy to think because even when Logan started watching it, the movie had already been out for at least ten years.  Well, at age 6 and 7 they both still love the movie, thanks to their love for race cars and all the sequels.  So before Vaughn was even born, the girls had nicknamed their new baby brother ‘Mater’ (their favorite character from the movie) when I was still carrying him.  While we weren’t going to actually call him that, we let the kids call him that even after he was born.  His nickname for a little while.  We knew it wouldn’t stick, but it was pretty funny when they would tell their friends and teachers that their new baby brother’s name was Mater.  They were so confused.

Mater with Mater, born on October 23, 2012 at 8lbs, 7oz.  Wheeler and Effie were both 9lbs and Logan was 8lbs, 9oz.  I make big babies, but then again I was a big baby myself weighing in at 9lbs, 9oz.  Logan was 13 months when Vaughn was born and didn’t know how to walk yet.  Effie turned 3, three weeks after Vaughn was born.  And Wheeler was 4 years and 4 months old.

Alright, back to Disney!  After a morning of rain, the weather finally cleared up so we took to the pool before dinner.  Still absolutely LOVING this swimsuit!  Such a great fit!  And the girls are wearing these.

The next day we were headed to Hollywood Studios and wanted to get there early, so we headed off to bed early on Wednesday night!