Spring Break: Second Stop – Mario 4DX + Into the Woods

The weather was beautiful in Charlotte.  Loved waking up to a cool morning sitting on the back porch at my inlaws. We’ve been looking forward to the new Mario coming out for so long!  I wanted the first time they saw it to be epic, so we experienced it in 4DX.  They don’t have one… Read More

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Spring Break: First Stop – Carowinds

As I mentioned last week, this was our first year in many years that we didn’t travel to Florida for Spring Break.  Lanier decided to save some vacation days for more summer vacation time.  But we made the most of it and had a blast!  Carowinds isn’t usually open on weekdays this time of year,… Read More

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A Few More From Tennis

After a fun-filled week at the Charleston Open, this week is their Spring Break.  This is the first time in a really long time that we haven’t traveled to Florida for Spring Break, but we have some fun things planned.  Lanier decided to save his week off to use for more summer vacay fun later.… Read More

Our Fun Week Continues + A New Pickleball Bag

Effie’s class has been working on Emmanuel 9 tributes and Effie’s group art piece is so beautiful and special. Her teacher is amazing! Reverend Thompson came to their school to see their tributes and spoke to them on the importance of love and forgiveness.  His wife Myra was one of the nine victims in 2015.… Read More

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Charleston Open Fun + What I Wore

The tennis week continues! Loved watching Madison Brengle defeat Kanepi.  And even better was that it was her birthday and everyone sang to her! Charleston Native Shelby Rogers and Bethanie Maddeks-Sans had an awesome match, but lost in the end. My kids love going to the very top and hanging out. Sloane Stephens won her… Read More

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Our Weekend Continued + What I Wore

There was too much to share in one post, so I’m continuing it here.  Yesterday, we went to the Charleston Open and watched some awesome tennis!  I’m so glad they decided to change it so it’s not over Spring Break anymore, so I can actually attend.  It’s only about ten minutes from our house, so… Read More

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