How I Do It: Family Involvement + Outings

Happy Monday!  I hope y’all had a wonderful weekend!  We’re at the beach with this happy crew!  All twelve grandchildren, all under one roof.  We managed to snap this pic yesterday at the beachside service, and they’re all in order.  The children were a little too mesmerized with the water rather than listening to the… Read More

How I Do It: Limitations + House Update

Good morning and happy Monday!  We got back from the beach yesterday and I finished unpacking last night.  How gorgeous was this sunrise I captured yesterday morning?  We’re actually home for a whole week until we travel again which I’m pretty excited about.  Time for me to knock out some things around the house. As… Read More

How I Do It: Motherhood Rocks! + Weekly Post Recap

We took the kids to see Cars 3 on Saturday.  They absolutely loved it!  I wasn’t sure if it would stand up to the hype of the original Cars.  They still watch it at least once a week.  But it truly did, and I was so impressed!  I have a feeling this one will be… Read More

How I Do It: Positive Reinforcement

Alright y’all, I’m bringing you another update on my ‘How I Do It’ series.  If you missed last week’s it was all on Discipline.  Check it out here.  This week it’s all about Positive Reinforcement.  Focusing on the positive helps change behavior. How I Do It: Positive Reinforcement I know I’ve done a segment on… Read More

How I Do It: Disclipine Update

If y’all missed last week’s post, I announced that I’ll be starting back my How I Do It series.  I’ll still be referring back to my older posts, since they still may be helpful for you if your children are younger.  But with each topic that I’ve posted about before, I’ll be updating it based on… Read More

How I Do It: Bringing It Back

Alright y’all, if you’ve been reading SSP for awhile, you may remember my series that ran called ‘How I Do It.’  I started this weekly series almost five years ago, back in December of 2012, when many of you would ask how I handled my life with four babies. Vaughn had just been born two… Read More