Boat Days & Halloween Parades

You wouldn’t believe it, but for as cold and windy as it was yesterday, we had an amazing boat day on Saturday with 75 degree weather.  We couldn’t have timed it better.  When we came back around 2, it poured the rest of the afternoon.  Perfect weather to watch lots of football.  This plaid cape was the perfect top layer.  Very insulating, which I love!  Paired here with these waterproof booties, jeans, striped shirt, ring and sunnies.

It was a little chilly when we started out, but it warmed up pretty quickly.

Wore this new comfy hoodie, these cutoffs and these sunnies.

Such a fun crew, as always!

I’m going to guess this is probably one of the more popular costumes you’ll see this Halloween.  If you’re unfamiliar with The Descendants, the girls are dressed as the character Mal.  Long story short, it’s a Disney TV Movie that came out a few years ago.  Descendants 2 came out this summer.  Basically, all the Disney villains live on an exiled island.  Four of the villains are chosen to move back to the good kingdom and are enrolled in school there – to start over and try and be good – Mal is Maleficent’s daughter.

Effie is Evie – The Evil Queen’s daughter.

Vaughn had a blast at the Halloween parade.  Sadly, I couldn’t get any of them to dress as dragons to be my sidekicks from Game of Thrones.  But then again, we’ve never done a costume theme.  It’s always so fun to see what they choose though! // Game of Thrones Tee

Whatever your plans are for Halloween tomorrow, I hope y’all have a blast! // ‘Blame It On the Boos’ Tee

Happy Halloween Eve!