Baking Cookies for the Holidays!

We had the BEST time over the weekend baking holiday cookies!  These were the Ugly Sweater Cookies.  I loved the idea!  That way no one got their feelings hurt if they made a mistake.  They were designed to not be perfect!  Got them here and they were only $5!  It came with everything you needed too, including the sprinkles, icing AND the sweater cookie cutter!  Can’t beat that.  Not to mention that they were pretty tasty too.

Wearing this shirt I shared with you last week!  Only $9.99!

How cute is this apron?  The little napkin comes off too, so you can wash just the napkin or the whole thing.  Would make a great gift and under $20!

All set to decorate!

We started with the Christmas Lights cookies.  Order yours here.  I think they turned out pretty well!

These sugar cookies were so good!  I ended up going back and ordering lots more kits from Walmart because the kids had so much fun decorating them and they were just so easy to make!  Plus, they shipped so quickly!

Effie’s wearing another cute apron I found at Walmart.  Order yours here!

Effie’s headband comes in this set with a cute Santa and snowman.  Only $13.99 for all three!

The finished product.  The kids couldn’t wait to devour them!

As always, there’s no better place to save than at Walmart.  For all of your holiday baking needs at amazing prices, start shopping here.  You can also scroll below for more holiday baking kits and essentials, all for $10 and under…

Hope y’all are having a great week!  We went to see the James Island Christmas Lights last night and had the BEST time!  Highly recommend!

Thanks to Walmart for their partnership on this post.