All the Pinks for February!

Dress // Necklace // Heart Sweater // Lipstick // Brush // Tennis Skirt // Keurig // Heart Ring // Pink Sweater // Robe // Headband // Candle

This post was a fun one!  I sure love a good pink!


Absolutely LOVE this one!  You’ll remember I just wore it on this post!  Obsessed!  Wearing a size 4.


Loving how sweet and intricate this necklace is.

Heart Sweater

This one is so cute and it has a matching one for your Minnie!


A great shade and lasts all day!


Detangle your hair while you’re in the shower!

Tennis Skirt

I have this color and style and love it!  Runs small.  Go up a size.


I use this everyday!  The red is so fun!

Heart Ring

Love this simple little ring.  So pretty.

Pink Sweater

Loving this shade and the fun hearts design.  I’ve worn it a lot of the past two weeks.


Love the fabric of this one.  Super cozy!


Loving this shade of pink for a fun pop!


Loving this scent and such a pretty color to have in your home.

Haven’t loved a lot of Lulu lately, but this jacket is a major fave!  Love the color!  For fit, I always size up.  Wearing an 8.  I also got this top too.  Love the back!

Hope y’all are having a great week so far!

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