A Week in Charlotte + My Hair Extensions

We had the best week at home in Charlotte.  Lots of sister and cousin time.

I’ve had some questions about my hair.  Back in early November, my stylist added these extensions.  She made sure to match them to my hair color I wanted and the length I chose mixed in well.  I just wanted some thickness and I absolutely LOVED it!  This was a first for me and I was so worried about them being noticeable, but they weren’t at all.  They were sewn into my own hair on two levels and they looked great!  You can blow-dry and style them just as you would your normal hair.  The best part is they don’t hurt your own hair.  I’ve heard tragic stories of tape-ins and other extensions that ruin your hair once they’re out.

Every eight weeks, I would go in for color and she would take out my extensions and move them up.  While I continued to love them for summer, I took them out two weeks ago because I wanted to swim and it was hard to do that with extensions.  As far as what I’m doing lately to color my hair, since I’m still pretty white in the front and salt and pepper in the back, I’m doing on-scalp bleach every eight weeks and that’s it.  I will say my head was a whole lot lighter at the wedding last weekend!  And as for what I’m doing with the extensions, they’re still in great shape, so I’ll save them and will get them sewn back in whenever I feel like it.

Dress (Wearing a 4)// Sandals // Sunnies

For the products I use to take care of my hair, head back to this post.  I also shared how much I’m obsessed with this new hair dryer/straightener in one!  Like I can’t tell you how much I love it.  A true game changer!

Hope y’all are having a great weekend so far!  If you have questions about my hair, feel free to comment below or email me: sweetsouthernprep@gmail.com.

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