A Trip to the Zoo!

This past Wednesday, the children had an e-learning day to allow their teachers to get their vaccinations.  We took full advantage, especially because the weather was going to be 75 degrees and beautiful!  I knew it wouldn’t be as crowded, seeing as most children were still in school that day.  If you visit, plan on getting their first thing to beat the crowds.  This was their first trip to the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia and we had the BEST time!

Such a fun day!

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While all of my children are animal lovers, I’d say that Vaughn is the biggest animal lover of them all! ❤️ He has been asking to go to the zoo for so long!  We took the kids to Animal Kingdom two years ago, but he was 6 then and he says he doesn’t remember a lot of it.  But let me tell you, he had a BIG DAY today!  Imagine his excitement when he found out that this zoo had his beloved Komodo dragons!  He loves them so much, he picked them for his animal research project for BOTH first and second grade!  But I must say, our most favorite animals of the day were the sweet gorillas.  I couldn’t get a good pic, since they were further away.  We could’ve stayed and watched them for hours.  The children getting tickled at everything they were doing was the cutest!  Seriously the BEST DAY!  It’ll definitely be a day we will always remember!