A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch + Fall Faves

After school yesterday, the kids and I headed over to the pumpkin patch and the BEST time!  If you’re trying to time your visit to the Boone Hall Pumpkin Patch just right, I suggest going on a Monday in mid to late October.  The weather tends to be cooler and there are less crowds.

Our first stop, the hay ride!  It’s made for the younger kids, so it’s not very scary at all.

Before trying out the corn maze, we popped into the ABC model news room.  They kids had fun pretending to be a weathermen, anchor, etc.

The corn maze has an adult and kids section.  I’ll have to admit, it was kind of tricky once we got in there.

The kids loved jumping on this thing.  I don’t think they’d ever seen anything like it.

And of course, their favorite was feeding the animals.

Check this guy out!  Logan got a little too close with his feed cup and the sucker ripped it out of his hand and chugged the whole cup down.  We were cracking up, much to Logan’s dismay.  Don’t worry, he got another cup.  The owners of the petting zoo said this little llama was their first pet at their zoo, aptly named Drama.  He was one smart llama!

Effie, the animal whisperer.

There aren’t many times in your life that you get to see, let alone pet a baby camel.  His name is Crush.

Vaughn’s always loved these signs where you put your face in the hole.  They have a bunch of different ones at the pumpkin patch.

These slides never get old!  They were sad they didn’t get to play in the jumpy house.  It was 5 and younger.  But I don’t blame those rules.  Kids can get pretty rambunctious in those things.  I know firsthand.

All in all, we had such a fun start to our week!  I’m just so happy to be home and getting to spend time with them!  Their outfits are all by Shrimp and Grits Kids.

I wore this cute, swingy dress yesterday.  Y’all, it’s only $10 and comes in lots of colors!  I ordered it in black too.  It’s perfect for the weather now .  On into the cooler months, pair it with a jacket, scarf and tall boots or booties and you’re all set!  The fabric is the softest material too and it has pockets.  For fit, it’s true to size.  I’m wearing a small.  Paired it with these sandals.

Y’all, how sweet is this??  So Wheeler is currently reading the Harry Potter series.  She’s deep into the 6th one.  Well, my rule about these books is that you have to read the book in order to watch the movie.  I let them all watch the first one without reading the book, but that movie is my only exception.  Anyway, Wheeler has flown through each book, so she can watch the movie.  And Vaughn’s not quite reading chapter books yet, but really wanted to watch the second movie.  So Wheeler took it upon herself <because she really wanted Vaughn to see the second one too> and read aloud the second book to Vaughn, so he could get to watch the movie.  I’m talking reading a few chapters each night to him before bed.  It was the sweetest thing.  I took this photo after they watched the second one, when Vaughn was thanking her for reading the book to her.  Now of course he’s begging her to read the third!

Obsessed with this dress!  Love the fit and the the fabric!  It’s currently on sale, but it’s selling out quickly.  It runs true to size.  Wearing a small. // Earrings

I got both of these pieces in on the same day, and was just trying on this poncho/ruana to see how it would fit.  But it actually looks cute with the dress too.  I see myself wearing it with jeans and a top.  These sell out super quickly, so don’t waste too much time deciding whether you want one or not.

I hope y’all are having a great week so far!  Tomorrow, I’m sharing my Turks & Caicos trip with you!  If you follow me on Instagram, head to my Instastories.  Today, I’m sharing a ‘My Day’ with you.  Feel free to follow along with all of our craziness!