A Night Out: Fritz Porter + Edmund’s Oast

Last night, I stopped by Fritz Porter for a capsule event with Paravel.  Their luggage and travel essentials are amazing!  Paravel also hand paints designs on their pieces, which I love!  You know I’m all about a pretty monogram.  To see even more of their pieces, go stalk their Instagram here.

The Brand Shop came down from Charlotte to help host the event.  After moving away, I never get to see them anymore.  It was great catching up with Laura, who’s expecting in a few months with her first!

The cutest gin and tonic bar at the event.

It’s alway so good to catch up with friends I haven’t seen in awhile.  Venita works here part time.  I tell her allll the time, but she has the BEST smile!

Ran into Harper Poe of Proud Mary Global Textiles too.  We went to the same high school  in Charlotte.  Her stuff is so cool!  The bag she’s wearing is made out of recycled products.  Head over here to read more about her company.  She’s so inspiring.

I seriously want everything in Fritz Porter!  So many amazing pieces…like that animal print lucite bench.  Obsessed!

Wore these shoes to the event.  While they’re high, they’re super comfortable.  And since I’m still letting my blisters heal from my boots that I wrote about yesterday, I can’t wear any shoes that have a back right now.

Afterward, my girlfriends and I went out to dinner at Edmund’s Oast.  If you haven’t been yet, it’s a must!  And this wine is definitely going on my favorites list!  A little dry, not too sweet and really smooth.

And this is when my stomach starts rumbling.  Pickled and Grilled Okra


Mac N’ Peas

Their burgers are absolutely delicious!  I’m definitely heading back soon to have another!

And to top it off, this Chocolate Hazelnut Tiramasu is to die for!

Always such a fun time with these girls!

As for what I wore, I wore this top again.  Love the color so much this season.  And my bronze crossbody is new!  Love it for going out!

Happy Thursday, Y’all!