Wednesday Whereabouts

Shorts in December!  But still getting prepped for the holidays.  A lot of you asked where I got these light bulb necklaces for the kids.  Got them here.  And honestly, I make them wear them when we go to outdoor holiday parties at night, so I can find them.  Haha. On Saturday, we headed to… Read More

Wednesday Whereabouts: Our Thanksgiving

We traveled home to Charlotte over Thanksgiving, along with all of my five sisters and their families.  It was a packed house and a little chaotic, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.  That’s how our holidays have always been and I hope they never change! With one of my sweet nephews. All of… Read More

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A Weekend Away: UGA vs Kentucky

Over the weekend, Lanier and I headed to Athens, Georgia with friends to watch the UGA vs Kentucky game.  We had the best time!  While we obviously missed the kids, it’s always nice to have a weekend for just the two of us. // Sunnies // Striped Top (old, but check out this similar color… Read More

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Wednesday Whereabouts + Effie’s 8th Birthday Party

First things first, I think it’s safe to say we’ve been pretty busy these past few weeks.  So busy in fact that I unfortunately haven’t taken as many photos as I usually do.  And if you’ve been reading SSP for awhile, you’ll know that I LOVE to take pictures! Effie’s 8th Birthday Party was just… Read More

Boat Days & Halloween Parades

You wouldn’t believe it, but for as cold and windy as it was yesterday, we had an amazing boat day on Saturday with 75 degree weather.  We couldn’t have timed it better.  When we came back around 2, it poured the rest of the afternoon.  Perfect weather to watch lots of football.  This plaid cape… Read More

Wednesday Whereabouts + Vaughn’s 5th Birthday

It was sure a whirlwind of a week, but always the best time!  We successfully knocked out our flu shots last week.  Wheeler and Logan had their check-ups so I *purposefully* failed to mention to them that we’d be getting flu shots too.  The nurse was quick!  Always love the ones that are! The kids… Read More