Wednesday Whereabouts + What I Wore

Last week, Effie and I had a little girl’s day and had so much fun! She picked out the lunch spot.  Taco Boy!  If y’all are familiar with it, this is where the huge tree out front used to be.  Since it died, they replaced it with outdoor seating. Effie did the ordering too.  Nacho… Read More

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4th of July Picks!

Sharing my top 4th of July picks with y’all today!  Just putting this together makes me so excited for the upcoming holiday! Earrings: Blue Heart //White Heart // Red Flower // Red Beads Dress: (L to R) 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 Scarf // Hat // Lipstick in Sunset // Red Basket //… Read More

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Life Lately

I’m so sorry for the delay on my posts lately!  Last week, I just needed some extra down time, but this week I’m back!  Father’s Day was great!  The kids and I were so excited to do some special things with Lanier. Goofy faces all around! Wheeler celebrated her 11th birthday!  Still can’t believe it!… Read More

Our Ray Ray

My grandparents – Evelene “Effie” & Ray “Ray-Ray” My mom is in the middle. With three of my sisters and my cousin – I’m on the right. Baby Wheeler Little Effie with Effie The Effies Baby Logan Baby Vaughn It’s with a heavy heart to share with y’all that my last surviving grandparent passed away. … Read More

Our Staycation

I know I’ve posted about it a few times, but last week the children spent the week with their grandparents.  Lanier was out of town all week, but got back in town on Thursday evening, so we were ready to cram in as many dates as we could until Sunday.  Our first top was Chubby… Read More

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A ‘Beat the Heat’ OOTD

Well y’all, Walmart does it again!  I’ve had the best time shopping for fun inexpensive finds when I’ve shopped at Walmart for my collaborations.  This is the comfiest, breeziest dress and it’s only $17!  And it’s not see through at all.  Wore it out to breakfast this morning and received so many compliments on it! … Read More

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