Savannah Road Trip: Day One

On Monday, I headed out on one last trip before school starts back next week! Thank y’all so much for all of your suggestions on places to visit in Savannah! This takes me back to girl scouts and our trip here when I was in 4th grade. Our first stop for lunch was closed, so… Read More

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Wild Dunes Staycation: Part Two

Early Saturday morning, we headed out to the beach for their Beach Sweep. The kids loved carrying the little claw arms. It was like a little treasure hunt finding trash on the beach.  Thankfully, there wasn’t too much trash to be found! The girls suits and boys suit sets are on sale with an additional… Read More

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Wild Dunes Staycation: Part One

On Friday morning, we left for our staycation at Wild Dunes.  After lots of time being on the road the day before coming back from the lake, I know the kids were happy it was only about a 15 minute drive.  We’d planned on having a family tennis clinic that morning there, but there was… Read More

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The Retreat at Azalea Lodge: Part Two

I love how well everything was decorated and more importantly that everything was durable! The cousins arrived and were ready to swim! My mom with two of my sisters…constantly counting kids.  Haha. The first night the whole family was here, we celebrated my sister’s birthday. Snuggling with their Gigi. I was pretty proud that I… Read More

The Retreat at Azalea Lodge: Part One

We just got back from the most amazing stay on Lake Norman!  How gorgeous is this retreat?  It was recently renovated and can hold up to 22 people!  Seriously though, what family was better to fill this space than my extended family?  I took this while Wheeler and I went kayaking one evening. I went… Read More

More Details about My Laser Hair Removal

I’ve had a lot of y’all reach out asking about my laser hair removal treatments over the past few months, so I felt like I’d pop in and give y’all more details on an actual blog post!  I started it back in January and have gone to Coastal Skin Solutions every 4-6 weeks since then… Read More