Valentine’s Day: What to Wear + A SUGARFIX Giveaway

Well, after a battle with strep throat, I’m happy to report that I’m almost 100% again.  I haven’t been sick in forever, and let me tell you, it is not fun.  These past few days have been rough, but I’m thankful I recovered quickly.  Praying Lanier or the kids don’t pick it up.  We had a great time at the circus this past weekend, hard to believe the very last Ringling Bros Circus will be in May.  Can’t wait to share pics with you of the event on tomorrow’s post.  I’ll also be sharing the kids’ Valentine’s cards they made from  Minted.  They’ve been begging to write their friends’ names on their cards since we got home on Sunday, but I didn’t feel quite up to it yet.  They’re excited that they finally get to do it today after school!

Just a heads up, TODAY is the last possible day to order your Valentine’s classroom cards from Minted, if you want them to arrive by February 13th.  Make sure you select ‘Rush Shipping’ at check-out.

Have y’all heard the news??  Baublebar is now carried at Target, called SUGARFIX.  The prices are absolutely amazing!  There are over 100 pieces to shop and trust me, you’ll love them all.  Shop all of it here!

I’ve already got these earrings in my cart now, only $12.99!

And these fun tassel earrings too (only $12.99).


One lucky SSP reader will win all of these SUGARFIX goodies above!

To enter, leave a comment and let me know your favorite Valentine’s gift you’ve ever received.  Giveaway ends on Wednesday at midnight.  I’ll announce the winner on Thursday’s post.  Only one entry per person.  Thanks!



With Valentine’s Day being only a week away, I thought I’d share some fun pink and red picks for you to wear.  All of these pieces will arrive by Valentine’s with free shipping, if ordered by today.

Floral Print Dress // Pink Necklace // Cluster Earrings (only $12.99) // Pink Off the Shoulder Blouse // Bell Sleeve Blouse // Ruffle Sleeve Top // Jewel Pumps // Floral Applique Miniaudiere // High Shimmer Lip Gloss // Essie Ballet Slippers

Kendra Scott Elisa Necklace

My dad actually gave me this pink necklace for my birthday this year.  He knows me well, right?  Would make a pretty accent to any Valentine’s outfit!

Cluster Floral Earrings

While we’re talking about pink accents, these earrings would be perfect too.  And they’re only $12.99!  Can’t beat that!

Topshop Floral Print Dress

This dress is new for spring and I’m loving it.  It looks really short on the model, but I think the model obviously must be tall.  It’s not that short on me.  I know it may be too soon to be thinking about Easter dresses, but this one could be a contender.

Off the Shoulder Blouse

This is an off-the-shoulder top I can get behind.  The normal style is just not as practical for me.  I loved how it looked on, but I just can’t lift my arms when I’m wearing it, and I usually need to do that.

Ruffle Sleeve Top

Love the sleeves on this top.  Looks effortless and just the right amount of subtle pink to wear for Valentine’s or really any day.  A great choice if you’re planning something more on the casual side for your date night.

Jewel Pumps

A girl can dream, right?  I’ve always loved this style.  And the pink is perfection!  I mean you could honestly wear anything from a simple black dress or even a grey sweater and these heels would be the statement piece, hands down.

Floral Applique Miniaudiere

The prettiest little miniaudiere.  So much detail and it’s under $100.  I know this one would one would receive so many compliments.  Looks much more expensive that its price point.

Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Lip Gloss

Rave reviews on this lip gloss!  Have this one in bare sparkle in my cart right now.

Essie Ballet Slippers

Can’t forget the final touch!  A subtle glossy sheer pink nail to finish off your Valentine’s look!

Happy Tuesday, Y’all!

74 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day: What to Wear + A SUGARFIX Giveaway

  1. Glad you’re feeling better! Love the Target jewelry. Favorite V-Day gift ever has to be a heartfelt card from my husband with a handwritten message from him inside. My love language is “Words of Affirmation” and a sweet note from my love is all I need. Thank you!

  2. So happy to hear you’re feeling better! I have been obsessing over the new Target x BaubleBar collaboration – so many great picks!
    As this is our first Valentine’s Day as official Mr. and Mrs., we are heading for a weekend getaway out to a bed and breakfast! This is probably our most exciting Valentine’s Day yet and one of my favorite gifts so far! Being away from distractions and able to enjoy each other’s company!

  3. Love it! My favorite Valentine’s Day gift was a puppy!!! Best gift to date lol! Thanks!

  4. My favorite valentines gift I every got was three years ago, when my boyfriend told me he loved me after dinner! And the Kendra Scott earrings he got me to ago along with it weren’t bad either 😉

  5. My husband and I aren’t big on Valentine’s Day, but we always take time to pick out the perfect card for each other – most of them end up being pretty hilarious. That would be my favorite gift.

  6. I have always loved getting surprise gifts from my husband and sweet notes/handmade gifts from my kiddos!! Love this jewelry and am happy that it can be purchased at Target!
    Karen B

  7. My favorite Valentine’s gift was a relaxing home cooked meal! Being lazy and spending time together is the best!

  8. Love the sugarfix line! I ordered some tassel earrings today but would love to win this gift box. Love being gifted a spa gift card for Valentines day 🙂

  9. Without fail, my sisters and I always receive a dozen roses from my dad every Valentine’s Day.. It is such a special tradition!!

  10. The best Valentine’s Day gift I ever received was from my oldest son, now 21, and he made me a bouquet of flowers from paper towels and toilet paper,,,,it was the BEST

  11. The best gift I ever received was a Tiffany’s necklace from my husband many many years ago. He saved a long time to buy it for me and it was such a special gift.

  12. These are so fun! I hadn’t seen this line at Target yet. My favorite Valentines are special notes from my hubby!!

  13. Sounds a little cheesy, but mine was my son – born the day before Valentine’s Day 14 years ago!

  14. My favorite Valetine’s gift EVER, was from my now-husband… For our first Valentine’s Day together, he had overheard me say a few months back that I wanted an edible arrangement for my next birthday! (because I love fruit SO much!) My birthday wasn’t until the following December, and he looked online and saw what an edible arrangement was… He thought, “I can do that!” So he MADE me an edible arrangement. He cut pineapples into hearts, and filled a red pot with blueberries… Topped off the skewers with strawberries. Then he surprised me and put it in my apartment while I was in class. It was PERFECT. I absolutely loved it, and my mom says that since that day, she knew he had “hooked” me forever! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your crew!

  15. My favorite Valentin’s day gift was getting a dozen red roses delivered to me at work. I felt so special.

  16. The best Valentine is a handwritten note from my husband….those words carry meanings and last forever.

  17. My husband makes me a card every year for Valentine’s Day. They are always unique and so special!!

  18. My favorite Valentine’s gift was way back in high school. I was driving home from work and my car ran out of gas. It was way before cell phones and about 20 degrees outside. I walked to a classmate’s house and called my HS boyfriend. He and his dad arrived on the scene with a can full of gas and a hot chocolate to cheer me up. Not the most romantic gift, but exactly what I needed!

  19. we used to get a fav new magazine from my mom when we were teenagers, it was always a treat!

  20. Glad you’re feeling better’! My favorite Valentines gift is a necklace that has the birthstones of all four of our kids ?

  21. Love the new jewelry line at Target – definitely need a fix of Sugarfix! Favorite Valentine was from my husband – a bottle of red wine from the year we started dating. So sweet!

  22. my favorite Valentines gift was a baby boy. We were in India on the 14th when his nurse brought
    him over to us our hearts just about burst. Best Valentines ever!

  23. Valentines has never been one of my favorite holidays. I don’t like to make a big deal out of it. My fiancé has found the way to the perfect gift tho … take out, lulu or Lilly gift card, and chocolate!!!! (My parents learned lulu and Lilly was the best gift a while ago!)
    Glad your feeling better. Love your blog. Have a good rest of your week.

  24. My favorite gift was a steak and lobster dinner cooked at home (after doing a cleanse) and cards from the kiddos.

  25. My husband once got me a gift of all my favorite things, everything from beef jerky to new books.

  26. My favorite Valentine’s Day gift was last years for sure. My husband and me had gotten married the month before in January and he got me a Pink Bike for my Birthday which is also in January (Poor guy). So for Valentines, he got me a cute little wicker basket for my bike and put a sweet card in it and had taken some of our wedding pictures and had them printed and in frames. I was quite impressed!

    Love the Giveaway!! Such cute jewelry!!

  27. My favorite Valentine’s Day gift happened to come from a little bit too much wine on Valentine’s Day eve when my husband and I reserved Rosie, our miniature Australian shepherd! ?? She is 3 now and we love her too much!

  28. Best Valentine’s Day gift ever… definitely V-Day 2014 when we found out we were pregnant with our son!

  29. Glad you are feeling better! My favorite valentine gift was a surprise romantic dinner cooked by my husband and a pink Kate Spade cross body purse!

  30. My most favorite and most memorable Valentine gift was from my mom and dad! My mom was in nursing school and my dad was the only one working! Wow! He had to provide for 4 kids and my mom. She made each of us homemade Valentine packs out of construction paper and staples with our favorite candy in them and a sweet note on the front! I do not remember many Valentine’s Day gifts but this one has ALWAYS stuck in my mind! It was the best ever!

  31. I love all the new jewelry at Target. It caught my eye earlier this week but with 2 kids ready to go home I didn’t have much time to look.
    My favorite valentine is a meal cooked by my husband. He doesn’t cook at all but once a year tries his best (with about a million questions) and makes a full meal!

  32. Favorite valentines gift are the flowers that my father sent me every year of my life until my little girl was old enough to understand. Now she gets the flowers from him. Melts my heart.

  33. My husband and I usually keep Valentines pretty simple. We exchange cards and I buy our favorite chocolate covered strawberries. One year he did get me a Lululemon gift card when the store had just opened here. That was a nice surprise gift!

  34. Thanks for doing this giveaway! My favorite Valentine’s gift was a handmade card for my son!

  35. A handmade wooden box filled with love notes made by an 18 year old boy the first valentines we knew each other. We got married 8 years later and have been married for 7 years!

  36. LOVE this line at Target! My fave gift would have to be the cards-we are always trying to see who can find the funniest-the diamond earrings one year weren’t bad either:)

  37. Sweet Homemade Cards and “packaging” for the gifts from Daddy! 🙂 Happy Early Valentines Day! Glad you are feeling better!

  38. fave valentines gift was a basket of flowers from my dad, when I was living 14 hrs away and incredibly homesick. My parents aren’t into sending flowers for occasions, so it was extra appreciated!

  39. My husband bought a coat for me that I was coveting but didn’t really need…he is always paying attention and is so thoughtful. Although all the cards he gives are so special too because he writes little stories in them that makes my heart full!

  40. My favorite Valentine’s Day was last year when my fiance and I accidentally both bought each other a candle making class at Candlefish!

  41. Ugg slippers <3 I wear them every single day. Love the new stuff Target has! Would love to win!

  42. Loving the new line at Target! My husband and I are heading down to Savannah for a get-away and have a nice “kid-free” dinner planned!

  43. I love spending time with people I love on Valentines! No need for a gift, but maybe some delicious treats!

  44. My favorite Valentines gift was a chalkboard/corkboard that my son who was 2.5 at the time gave me. My husband took a picture of him holding his arms out wide and posted it in the middle of the corkboard. On each side of the picture, my son left his handprints. Above the picture my husband wrote, “I love you this much.” Because that’s what we would say before we went to bed every night. Clinging to the side of this board was a tin bug my husband found at Home Depot and called it a love bug, also my nickname for my son. ❤️

  45. My favorite Valentine’s Day gift to date was simply a picnic in the living room of my now husbands parents house nearly 13 years ago ? We were 19 and poor but had the best time celebrating!

  46. My husband always gets me my favorite flowers (tulips) and then fills a gift bag with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups because I love them. Definitely my favorite gift..every year!

  47. I’ve had my eye on so many Sugarfix things!! my favorite gift is a Pandora charm from my fiancé. He’s given me almost every charm that I have on my bracelet, and I love wearing it as a daily reminder of our love.

  48. My favorite gift was a Valentine-themed care package from my now-husband when we were long distance dating. It was so sweet

  49. My best Valentine’s Day present was a trip to Seattle, to my favorite winery! My name is Michelle and the winery is Chateu St. Michelle!

  50. Me and my husband don’t normally celebrate Valentine’s Day since both of our birthdays are near Valentine’s Day. But I would love to receive some new SugarFix jewels this year, especially since I will be celebrating my 40th ?Birthday 2 days after Valentine’s Day!

  51. My hubby always makes me a card for Valentines, and I love all the corny puns and time he puts in 🙂

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