The Sandia + A Red Resort Dress You Need + SUGARFIX Giveaway Winner

Looks delicious, right?  Well, let me tell you it’s just as tasty as it looks.  Think of it as a spicy watermelon slushy…with a kick.  Actually, you can’t even taste the tequila, which is pretty dangerous.  I knew this would be a favorite, as it’s a mixture of spicy and sweet.

As always, I’m not sure on the exact measurements, but I’m sure you could play around with it, and figure out which ingredient you need more or less of, depending on how spicy or sweet you want to make it.

Sandia (at Lewis Barbecue)

Tequila, Watermelon, Jalapeño, Lime

Would be perfect for Valentine’s, if you’re in a warm location!  If you’re not, or want something a little different, another simple concoction is called The DeLancey (found it here).  I’ve made this one before and it’s super easy to concoct and would be perfect for Valentine’s.  Mix 3/4oz Pomegranate Juice and 3/4oz St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur and pour into a champagne flute.  Then top with Prosecco.

The Sandia above is the cocktail I enjoyed last week after my tennis win.  Won this Tuesday too, hope I can pull out another win today!

Wearing:  Top (the exact color I’m wearing, with contrast stitching has sold out, but there are 13 colors still available in this style) // Shorts // Fitbit // Sunnies

If you’re local or visiting, be sure and check out Lewis Barbecue.  I’m thinking this bar is probably the cleanest bar I’ve ever seen.  I took this in the middle of the day and it was busy.  You sure wouldn’t know it with everything all glistening and squeaky clean.  It’s not just the cocktails and beer selection that brings us back, one of my friends says their nachos are supposed to be amazing too.  Haven’t tried those yet.  Guess I need to plan another visit soon!

I’d planned on painting my nails yesterday, but honestly couldn’t decide on which color.  Loving all of these spring hues, but just couldn’t narrow one down.  Anyone have a favorite?  Pink (Muchi, Muchi) // Light Grey/Purple (St. Lucia Lilac) // Grey (Chinchilly) // Light Blue (Mint Candy Apple) // Purple (Bikini So Teeny)

I posted about these sandals last week, and a reader wanted more details about sizing.  I’m sorry for the confusion.  I didn’t realize Nordstrom and Shopbop had different sizing scales for these sandals.  If it helps, I ordered mine from Shopbop in a 39, and usually wear an 8.5.  But based on Nordstrom’s sizing scale, if you ordered an 8.5, you’re supposed to order these sandals in a 38.5.  I love my size 39s and feel like they fit just right, but definitely go with what feels right for you.  Just a heads up, these are selling out very quickly.  Hard to believe, since it’s only February!

Hung the pool print “Going For a Swim,” I posted about yesterday.  I’m always hesitant when I hang pieces, as I’m never sure Lanier is going to be on board.  But he said he really likes this one.  I had a reader ask if I had any Slim Aarons pieces in my home.  I actually do.

I have this one called “Poolside Gossip.”  It’s pretty big, 45.5″ x 65.5.”  Unfortunately, it was so heavy it fell last summer and I’ve been afraid to re-hang it, thinking it will fall again.  And I don’t want to damage it even more than I already have.  Thankfully, it only had a few dings at the bottom, but I feel like that was really lucky.

This is the Clarins Blush I was telling y’all about in last week’s ‘Loving Lately’ post.  It’s the prettiest subtle peachy pink, and gives your skin such a pretty glow.  Perfect for this time of year, when skin can start to look dry and dull during these late winter months.

Thanks to all who entered my SUGARFIX Giveaway!  Like I said, I loved reading all of your responses!  The lucky winner of the Baublebar SUGARFIX goody box is….

Emily Myers

She wrote: My favorite Valentines gift was a chalkboard/corkboard that my son who was 2.5 at the time gave me. My husband took a picture of him holding his arms out wide and posted it in the middle of the corkboard. On each side of the picture, my son left his handprints. Above the picture my husband wrote, “I love you this much.” Because that’s what we would say before we went to bed every night. Clinging to the side of this board was a tin bug my husband found at Home Depot and called it a love bug, also my nickname for my son. ❤️

Congratulations!  Email me at, and I’ll get your goodies mailed to you soon!

And finally, I’ll leave y’all with this dress.  I’ve been trying to decide what will be coming along with me to St. John in a few weeks.  I’m heading there on a girls’ trip for a long weekend and cannot wait!  Needless to say, this dress (also available here) will definitely be making the cut.  I absolutely LOVE it!  Unfortunately, it’s so popular that it sold out at Nordstrom in a hot minute, and it’s almost sold out at Shopbop.  But I did find it here in all sizes, and they offer free two-day shipping.  It fits true to size.  I’m wearing a small.  Paired it with these super comfortable sandals (also available here).  I got a pair of these in another style last summer and knew these would be just as great.  For fit, I’m an 8.5 and wear a 9 in them.

Happy Thursday, Y’all!

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  1. You should totally paint your nails “Bikini so Teeny” since the UNC/DUKE game is tonight!

    1. I was thinking that too! And I can’t believe I left that out of my post today. GO HEELS!

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