The Charleston Sparkler + Garden & Gun Cigar Factory Tour

 This past Monday night, my parents came in town and we had such a fun night together.  If you’re local or you’re visiting, you must try 82 Queen.  Absolutely LOVE this spot!  I only found it fitting that I share my favorite cocktail for this week’s Thirsty Thursday, the Charleston Sparkler.
I haven’t had a chance to make this one at home yet, but all of these ingredients sound so delicious.  I’m sure it would be super easy to concoct at home.
Absolut Açai Vodka
Squeezed Lime Juice
Pomegranate Simple Syrup
Sparkling Wine
 We also enjoyed some other tasty entrees.  My dad got the salmon.
 This was by far my favorite – fried oysters over macaroni and cheese!
 And their signature shrimp and grits were perfect!  If you feel like making the BBQ Shrimp and Grits at home, here’s the recipe.
It really was a beautiful night, with gorgeous weather.  For my mom’s outfit details, check back on Tuesday’s post.
Before dinner, my parents and I had the opportunity to visit the new Garden & Gun office space and we were in absolute awe!  Constructed in 1881 and opened in 1882, it was the Cotton Mill of Charleston.  In 1912, it was purchased by the American Cigar Company who converted it into a cigar factory that was the largest private employer in Charleston during the 1930s.  With history like that, I wasn’t surprised at all that Garden & Gun would take the opportunity to turn it into what it is today.
 As I mentioned on Tuesday’s post, my dad is a huge Garden & Gun fan.  He was more than excited to get to tour the space and meet some of the editors of the magazine, including the president and CEO, Rebecca Darwin and vice president and editor-in-chief, David Dibenedetto.
 Talk about a delicious spread.
 The glass windows and sliding doors made each space feel as if we were in a museum, looking at office rooms of the past, but in fact this is how many of the office spaces looked.  Clean, crisp and organized, just like the magazine.
 Everything is out in the open here.  Even the board rooms and conference rooms were wide open.
 There were two of these joggling boards that aligned one long brick wall.
 It doesn’t get much better than this.  I seriously want this for my kitchen table at home.
 Keep in mind, these aren’t homes, they’re office spaces.
 They thought of every single detail.
 Complete with a ping pong table.  I’m sure some deep discussions have been had over a serious game of table tennis.
 Never attempt a ladder in heels!
 Our favorite part.  Getting to hear stories from the editors about the magazine, and more insight on how they choose writers, photographers, artists, etc.
My dad’s favorite wine they served that evening.

What I Wore

Equipment Top // Jeans // Gigi New York Tote // Julie Vos Ring // Madewell Pumps (these run big, go down a half-size)
Happy Thursday!

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  1. LOVE your new ring! Also those office feel like a home, would love working there. I want that table for my kitchen too. Any chance you know where those club chairs are from? I want those!

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