Monday Manners: Arguments and 25% Off Tory Burch

Did you know arguments are good to have, in a healthy relationship?  Now, I don’t mean fights, I mean level-headed discussions, or well-tempered arguments.  While watching The Today Show last week, they talked about how good arguments solve a problem, and I couldn’t agree more.  There are some key words not to use, before delving into a good argument: always and never.  These are extreme words, and can irritate the other arguer, “You always do this!”  Statements with these extreme words are not fair in an argument, and leave the fellow arguer with little to work on, if it always/never happens…and in fact, it probably doesn’t always/never happen in the first place.

Another helpful tip is holding your spouse/boyfriend/friend’s hand when you’re talking/discussing/arguing.  While it may not be the first thing you think to do when arguing, think about it, it really is hard to get angry when you’re doing this.  It keeps you from using hand gestures, like pointing at them, too.  And lastly, when you start making headway, STOP TALKING, because if you do, it puts the other arguer on the defensive. 

Hopefully, using these tips will help your argument go smoothly, and you end up with what you want/your problem solved.  And even better?  It’s made your relationship that much stronger, rather than ending with a door slammed in your face or a hung up phone.

Good Luck!


Just a heads up, Tory Burch’s Friends and Family 25% Promo ends tonight, at midnight.  Have y’all purchased anything?  If you’re still shopping, remember that everything on their site is included, except the Reva flats and Selma boots.  Also, sunglasses ship for FREE!  Let me know if you took advantage of the promo!  It’s FRIENDS2011.  Here’s what on my wish list…

Miller Sandals in Equestrian Orange (Tory’s favorite color)
Since I have so many gold and silver sandals for summer, I thought orange would be fun!
A great deal, with the promo!

Don’t forget, the sale ends at midnight!
Promo: FRIENDS2011
Happy Shopping!


Hope y’all have a great start to your week!  L slept from 9-3am last night before I fed him, and it’s 8:30 now, and he just got up.  I know these aren’t regular, scheduled nights yet, but I’ll take them, when I can get them.  He usually gets up twice a night to feed (every three-four hours or so), so I’m really not complaining at all.  He’s such a sweet, laid-back baby.

Oh, and thanks so much to all of you for your help and advice from yesterday’s post about getting a Mac.  We’ve decided to go with a Macbook Pro, 13″.  We have a larger laptop now, and think a small one will be easier to take places.  And with your advice, we went with the Pro, instead of the Air, in case the kiddos ever want to watch a DVD (since the Air doesn’t have a CD drive).  An added bonus, in case any of y’all are looking for a new laptop, right now, if you buy a Pro, you basically get a printer for free.  You purchase it for $99.95, but then they give you a $100 rebate on it.

Hope you have a fabulous Monday!
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8 thoughts on “Monday Manners: Arguments and 25% Off Tory Burch

  1. That is awesome he slept so well last night!! And you are going to LOVE your Mac!! I think I ordered extra gigs on mine when I bought it, and we have never had any problems. Love you!

  2. I think you will be very pleased with the Macbook. We have one, and have been very happy. We have literally dropped it 3 or 4 times and after 5 years it is still running, so it must be made well. If we ever needed service we were always treated so well at the Apple store too.

  3. I love the little "hold hands" when arguing tip. Probably better than wanting to grab the baseball bat. I will remember this one and shock the crap out of the mister next time things get heated. Thanks! 🙂

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