Lilly Love + My 7-Day Cleanse Success!


Happy Monday!  I hope y’all had a wonderful weekend!  Ours was a whirlwind, as we headed out of town on Friday afternoon and just got back yesterday afternoon.  But we did manage to visit both sets of parents and the children got to see some of their aunts and uncles and cousins, so that was a huge plus!  You know I’ll share more pics with you on tomorrow’s Wednesday’s Whereabouts post, but this one with my chubby wubby nephew is a preview.  Isn’t he just the sweetest? // My sweatshirt that was restocked last week has now sold out again, but they do make it in a t-shirt style, as well.  I’ll keep you posted if they restock it again.  And still sporting my favorite silver glittery Chiara Ferragni flats I got on sale.  Love that they come in so many colors and styles.  Love them in pink, black, and white too.
With Spring Break coming in less than a month, I’m so excited to go somewhere with warm weather all week!  I can’t complain too much, as today it’s expected to get up to 72 here!  But these days are glimpses of what’s to come and then it gets cold again.  I want 80s, pool and beach weather…and Spring Break is when we’re going to find it!  With that being said, I’ve been shopping for new swimsuits and cover-ups (my favorite!), and plan to share so many of them with you soon!  Here’s a little preview of some of my current favorites…
I posted this cover-up in a collage last week, and ordered it.  It’s even prettier in person.  Love the periwinkle, but honestly had a hard time deciding which color because I loved the pink and papaya colors just as much.  For fit, it’s true to size.
Love the print on this tankini top.
I have these Havaiainas from last year, and they came back out with the same color combo this season.  They’re pretty popular and are almost sold out again.  I’m an 8.5 and wear a 39 in these.
My 7-Day Cleanse Success!
So I successfully finished my 7-day cleanse last night!  I’m still in awe that I was able to give up caffeine and alcohol for an entire week, but I really did feel cleansed and was never tired or lagging during the day.  Even when I usually drink my three shots of espresso, by mid-afternoon I’m dragging again.  I can honestly say it was well worth it, and I’d definitely do it again.  Not right away, but maybe in about six months or so.  Or the change of every season?  I’m not going to lie and say it was super easy, especially when I had to make dinners for the kids, or when I had to turn down popcorn and funnel cake at Cirque du Soleil last week, and over the weekend when I couldn’t drink and celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday or during the Oscars.  But in the end, I survived!  And as an added reward, I lost 10lbs!  No complaints there!  Today I’ll start back eating slowly with smaller portions, but I’m now excited that I’m ready to tackle healthy food and be more aware of what I’m eating, now that my body is ready too!
About the cleanse, this was a local one by Blend Juice Bar (over on Coleman, located right near the Ravenel Bridge), if you’re interested in trying it yourself.  If you’re not local, honestly any cleanse where you cut out solids and substitute your meals with healthy juices you’ve created is a good start.  Most people suggest you start with a 3-day cleanse, if this is your first cleanse.  I’m crazy and still did a 7-day one, even though this was my first cleanse.  The first day was by far the hardest.  After the second bottle that I’d drunk by 9am, I was starving!  But I learned to pace myself, and the rest of the week, unless I actually saw food, I was really fine.  My hunger was sufficient with my five juice bottles.  There was never a day when I went to bed hungry at night.
I can’t say I can tell you the portions they use in each bottle, but here’s a breakdown of Blend’s bottles I drank during the week.  Each day I drank five bottles spaced throughout the day, in order (numbers were shown on the bottle).  I didn’t drink the bottle labeled 1a.  They were the same five everyday.  I was allowed to drink water also, but that was it.  #4 was my absolute favorite!  It was nice that it came right after #3, which was my least favorite.  But that lemon and cayenne combo did help suppress my appetite.  I just hope that when I start eating regularly again today, that I’m not starving and eat everything in sight.  I know it will be challenging.  But then again, I’ll have my coffee back this morning, so I know that’ll help!  For those of you who asked if I was still running while doing this cleanse, I wasn’t.  Aside from playing tennis one day, I took the week and let my body rest.  I’m going to wait one more day, and get back to running tomorrow.  Excited about that, as I know I’ll feel lighter on my run, which is so much better for my joints!
Some pretty pink Lilly Pulitzer pick-me-ups, as rewards!

I’ll leave you with this cutie!  Yesterday, they had to wear something from somewhere they’ve traveled.  She picked Florida and chose a Lilly dress to wear!  I really wanted to find her Mickey ears too, but they’re in some box somewhere.  The fedora was a cute addition though!  This pic is so bittersweet to me.  My girl who-made-me-a-mama is growing up much too fast!
White Collared Shirt (similar) // Pink Boden Cardigan (similar) // Lilly Dress (same style, different print here) // Lettuce Edge Socks // Grey Glimmer Shoes // Fedora
Well, I’m off to go actually EAT my breakfast this morning!  Can’t wait!
Happy Tuesday!

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