Two Posts in One Day! Lilly on RLL

Okay, so I said I’d be away from posting all week, and I’ve posted twice in one day!  I totally forgot to mention that Lilly Pulitzer is on Rue La La right now!  Women’s and girl’s sizes are available.  Hurry, as always, it’s all going fast!  I seriously just found about it about an hour ago, otherwise I would have notified you sooner.  If you aren’t a member already, click HERE for your free invitation.  Never any obligation to buy anything!

Here’s what I got, right before they were sold out…
Lilly Pulitzer Yellow Elsa Top
Lilly Pulitzer Girls’ Cherry Bomb Lolly Dress
Got two of these for the girls last summer, but W will have grown out of hers this summer.
Now she’ll have one to match E again!
Hoping the “Still Want It?” comes through for me on this one…
Lilly Pulitzer Mix Tape Worth Shift
Happy Shopping!

14 thoughts on “Two Posts in One Day! Lilly on RLL

  1. Ashley,
    Thanks for posting this. It's amazing how many people still don't know about RLL. As a girl with a champagne taste on a beer budget, it's pretty much my life saver. 🙂 I scored on some shorts and a new pair of shades for an upcoming vaca. Love that Elsa top. Good luck with the shift!
    Take care,

  2. OK So I am a year off from even thinking about getting pregnant, but I bought a size 4 Lolly in cherry bomb to match my franco "one day" with my minnie. My first choice was the little Lilly shift in this print, but I have not been able to snag one. So if you sell W's would you think of me? 🙂 🙂

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