My Skincare Routine

Exfoliating Cleanser // Toner // Clarifying Serum // Tinted SPF 46 // SPF Lip Balm //Eye Cream // Retinol // Hydrating Night Cream // Neck Tightening Cream // Acne Spot Treatment I’ve had some of you reach out recently, inquiring about which skincare products I love.  I also have to give a big shout-out to… Read More

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A Long Overdue Haircut!

I’ll share a complete post soon, but wanted to pop in real quick and share my new haircut with y’all!  Decided to get the all the dead split ends chopped off.  I’ve always been very attached to my long hair and haven’t it cut this short in over ten years, but I’m loving it! Happy… Read More

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Wednesday Whereabouts: Our Weekend

Friday started off with a Color Fun Run!  This is sadly Wheeler’s last one.  Next year she’ll be in middle school! All pretty and white… …to all the color! They always have the best time at this run! Lanier’s delicious wings for lunch on his Green Egg. Wore these pretties to cheer on the Tarheels… Read More

Life Lately: Our Halloween!

Wheeler and Effie’s pumpkins they carved all by themselves.  They even took out all the gunk themselves too.  Effie said those dots are freckles on her pumpkin. October florals I assembled. Visiting one of our dear friends.  I have so many photos of my kids at this door over the years. The kids always ask… Read More

Celebrating Vaughn’s 7th Birthday at Great Wolf Lodge

Well, after we left Great Wolf Lodge back in May, we proclaimed we’d be back sooner than later!  And we sure did!  Vaughn asked if he could celebrate his birthday at GWL and we booked it as quick as we could! Orange ears for Halloween and birthday ears for the birthday boy! A sneaky selfie.… Read More

Life Lately: Vaughn’s 7th Birthday!

On October 23rd, Vaughn celebrated his 7th birthday! Cannot even believe my sweet baby turned 7! Can you tell he loves cookie cake?  And he’s not a big fan of icing either. Thinking hard about his birthday wish! If it’s not obvious enough, he’s still LEGO obsessed…just like his brother. The girls are still loving… Read More