All Rings Closed for January + Inspirational Words on a Friday

How cute is the back of this tank? Well, I did it.  I closed all of my rings in January!  To share my daily goals with you, this was yesterday (the last day of my challenge).  If you’re wondering what I’m using to track my goals, it’s the Activity App that comes with your iPhone. … Read More

Hooray for Laser Hair Removal + Vineyard Vines Latest Faves

This past weekend, my friend Jaime and I headed over to Coastal Skin Solutions for laser hair removal treatments on our legs.  Jaime already did her underarms and continues to love the results.  I mean, not having to shave your legs again, sounds like a dream!  It was freezing that day, but I wanted to… Read More

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All the Pinks & Reds Today!

Sweater // Pajama Set // Raincoat // Pullover // Romper // Cover-Up // Sunnies // Bracelet // Red Earrings // Pink Earrings // Necklace // PJ Pants // Sandals // Ring // Socks // Heels With Valentine’s Day a little over two weeks away, I thought I’d share my favorite pinks and reds with you… Read More

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Closing Your Rings + Life Lately + A SEWE Giveaway!

Y’all may remember this post and my goal this month – to close all my rings on the iPhone Activity App with my Apple Watch.  How’s everyone doing?  Some days it’s definitely more of a challenge when I want a break day, but I always make myself find time in the day to knock out… Read More

Our Daily Routine

Happy Friday, Y’all!  I know many of you have anxiously been awaiting this post.  I must preface this by saying this is what I’d like our schedule to be like every single day.  Yes, most days it is, but sometimes there are hiccups and we just try and roll with it.  Since the children have… Read More

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Latest Faves: Tops + Heels

I posted this super simple outfit on Saturday night.  These leggings I’ve seriously owned for over five years.  They’re my absolutely fave!  There’s nothing fancy about them, they’re not super tight nor suck you in, but they are the softest leggings ever.  And I’m constantly grabbing them over and over again.  As for this top,… Read More

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