My Skincare Routine

Exfoliating Cleanser // Toner // Clarifying Serum // Tinted SPF 46 // SPF Lip Balm //Eye Cream // Retinol // Hydrating Night Cream // Neck Tightening Cream // Acne Spot Treatment I’ve had some of you reach out recently, inquiring about which skincare products I love.  I also have to give a big shout-out to… Read More

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A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch + Fall Faves

After school yesterday, the kids and I headed over to the pumpkin patch and the BEST time!  If you’re trying to time your visit to the Boone Hall Pumpkin Patch just right, I suggest going on a Monday in mid to late October.  The weather tends to be cooler and there are less crowds. Our… Read More

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Cute Fall Looks for the Girls

Wheeler is currently Harry Potter obsessed!  I’ll say I grew up watching the movies, but never read any of them.  Although I remember one of my sisters flying through all of them at an early age and loving them, I just didn’t get into them too much.  I mean the massiveness of the books are… Read More

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Logan’s 8th Birthday

Since we already celebrated Logan’s birthday party (for a recap, head over here), I let him choose a place to have his birthday dinner on his actual birthday.  He chose Waffle House! Great 8! It’s no secret that he LOVES Legos!  So he was super stoked to get so many for his birthday! I think… Read More

More Details about My Laser Hair Removal

I’ve had a lot of y’all reach out asking about my laser hair removal treatments over the past few months, so I felt like I’d pop in and give y’all more details on an actual blog post!  I started it back in January and have gone to Coastal Skin Solutions every 4-6 weeks since then… Read More

My Latest Favorite Bracelets: Currently on Major Sale!

I’m sure you’ve noticed these bracelets I’ve been wearing the past few weeks.  They’re by Victoria Emerson and I’m obsessed!  And they’re priced great too!  My favorite part is that the boho bracelets have a magnet on the back, so it keeps all the strands from getting tangled!  This one I’m wearing above is definitely… Read More

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