My Skincare Routine

After many of you have requested, I’m sharing my skincare routine on today’s post.  I like to wait a few months before I post about a line I’m using.  It gives me enough time to decide if it’s really working for me and if I’d recommend it to others.  And trust me, I’ve tried out… Read More

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My Successful 3-Day Cleanse + What I’m Eating + An OOTD

I’ve been posting my work-out outfits and telling y’all all about my activities like running, barre, etc, but many of you wanted to know what I’ve been doing as far as eating healthier in the new year.  So the first three days of January I went on a cleanse.  I know everyone has an opinion on cleanses… Read More

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My New Year’s Resolutions + Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Details + An OOTD

Happy New Year, Y’all!  We got back in town last night, after a week away, and the girls already have school today.  Talk about jumping back into the swing of things.  They usually have the day after New Year’s Day off, but this year it’s a make-up day from Hurricane Matthew.  How sweet is Effie’s… Read More

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How I Do It: On Storage & Organization + an OOTD

Good morning and happy Monday!  It’s raining here, but I’m not complaining one bit.  It was supposed to rain all day yesterday, but it decided to hold off.  My parents were in town and we were able to go to church and head out to lunch before they left.  I took the girls to see… Read More

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How I Do It: Record It + A Christmas Tradition + Pajama Love (Less Than $20!)

I was looking back through my previous ‘How I Do It’ posts and realized I hadn’t posted about today’s topic in three years.  I know I have some loyal readers that have been reading since the beginning (over six years ago), but this one I feel like I need to post about again, because it… Read More

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How I Do It: Birth Stories, Night Shifts & Giving Up Control

I’ve always had a type A personality.  Maybe it’s from being the oldest of six girls or playing competitive sports growing up, but I like being in control.  With anything in life, I like to do things myself.  I just know then that it’s done my way, and even if I make a mistake, well then… Read More