Our Daily Routine

Happy Friday, Y’all!  I know many of you have anxiously been awaiting this post.  I must preface this by saying this is what I’d like our schedule to be like every single day.  Yes, most days it is, but sometimes there are hiccups and we just try and roll with it.  Since the children have… Read More

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Wednesday Whereabouts + Valentine’s Looks for Girls

The weather these past two weeks has been so wishy-washy.  One day it’s 70 and the next day it’s 40.  Thankfully, Sunday morning started off warm and the rain held off until after lunch!  Wearing this dress, these earrings and these heels.  Effie just got these rose gold booties.  Love them!  And they’re only $16!… Read More

Latest Faves: Tops + Heels

I posted this super simple outfit on Saturday night.  These leggings I’ve seriously owned for over five years.  They’re my absolutely fave!  There’s nothing fancy about them, they’re not super tight nor suck you in, but they are the softest leggings ever.  And I’m constantly grabbing them over and over again.  As for this top,… Read More

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Life Lately

On Wednesday night, we all headed out to our church’s oyster roast and chili cook-off!  Every single one of us loves oysters, so we were excited to get shucking!  I hadn’t planned on wearing these boots, but Wheeler insisted so we could match.  Love it!  Effie still rocking her red cowgirl boots she got for… Read More

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Wednesday Whereabouts + Lilly Giveaway Winner Announced!

First off, how ’bout those Tigers??  What a win!  So proud of such an awesome team, all lead by a freshman quarterback!  Then again it was Dabo that made that smart decision.  And what a fab decision it was too!  15-0!  No doubt, the best team, hands down! Proudly wore my bright orange shoes to… Read More

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Last Day of Lilly’s After Party Sale + Lots of New Items Added!

Alright y’all, more Lilly goodness during the After Party Sale is headed your way at 9am this morning!  The second release will hopefully be just as good as the first!  And if it’s anything like the virtual line was yesterday, it’ll be a breeze to shop!  If you’re just checking in today, make sure you… Read More