My Hair & Body Go-Tos

Olaplex No. 8 // Kevin Murphy Re.Store // Molton Brown Cypress & Sea Fennel // Lily & Magnolia Blossom // Heavenly Gingerberry // Isdin Lambdapil // In-Shower Body Lotion // Milkshake No Frizz // Neuma Shampoo // Neuma Detangling Rinse // Oribe Conditioner // Olaplex No. 3 // HUM Hair Sweet Hair Y’all have been… Read More

Loving Lately: Top 10 for Fall!

Clip Dot Dress // Clogs //  Slouch Pointed Toe Boots // Crewneck Sweater // Lip Color in Paradiso // Woven Sandal // Power Glow Peel // Topknot Earrings // Sandals // Leopard Tiered Dress I figured I hadn’t done one of these in forever and with the change in temps thought this would be the… Read More

Cooper River Bridge Run

This past Saturday, we ran the Cooper River Bridge Run! It was a beautiful day in the mid-60s! Loved my texts from the girls on the last mile! I didn’t know I was so close to running it under an hour.  Next year, I’ll focus more and not take videos and photos during the race. … Read More

A Thirsty Thursday + What I Wore

This beer was made for me!  A big thank you to Sycamore Brewing for hosting me and my neighbors last night!  We had the best time! It’s always been one of my favorite beers, so it was fun to let everyone else try all the different flavors! Head over here for your chance to win… Read More

It’s Fall, Y’all! + Wheeler Got Braces!

I can’t believe today is the first day of Fall!  You wouldn’t know if after our warm boat day this past weekend, but the evenings are getting significantly cooler, so we know it’s coming!  This is the softest pullover with the coziest liner! Couldn’t resist getting a little tumbler personalized to mark the occasion! My… Read More

Logan’s 10th Birthday!

Last Wednesday was Logan’s last day as a 9 year old.  He was actually pretty sad about it.  He kept telling people he didn’t want to grow up and still wishes he could stay 8 forever.  He clearly loves being a boy! Last Wednesday was also Wheeler’s last day with these teeth!  On Thursday, she… Read More